Home Ownership The American Dream

A Home Mortgage Makes Dreams Come True Home ownership is just a mortgage away! To name a few, there are fixed rate mortgages rates and an adjustable rate mortgage.  We explain the different types of mortgages in the article, but to get a more in depth understanding you should visit the American Mortgage Association or Physician Mortgage Loans. Getting a […]

Sell My Life Insurance

Selling Life Insurance Policy You may want to reconsider holding on to your life insurance policy if you are a senior. Here are three reasons why. 3 Questions Seniors With Life Insurance Need to Ask If you’re a senior with at least $250,000 in life insurance, you may struggle to meet other demands of everyday life, like medicine, housing, and […]

Patient Rehab Programs

Patient Drug Rehab For drug and alcohol addiction, inpatient drug rehab Medicaid programs may be the most effective plan, but outpatient rehab is a possibility for those who can’t take time off. Get Help for Drug or Alcohol Addiction There are many aspects to drug addiction, and each individual reacts differently. Some people lose relationships, have financial problems or suffer […]