Buying Bank Owned Properties

Where do most investors turn to when they seek preforeclosure opportunities? Sure, they take a look at free foreclosure listings or even sources of foreclosure listings that they pay for. While these sources may lead to productive and profitable deals, they also require extensive marketing and business promotion in order for an investor to tap into these preforeclosure opportunities. After finding the property, you should seek funding from private money lenders or hard money lenders for fast access to capital.

What other options do investors have? Well, in today’s market, more and more realtors are marketing properties as short sales in the MLS. While these do represent preforeclosure opportunities, I also think that this can be risky for the investor because many real estate agents are pretty new to the foreclosure world (and thus may just be learning what is a short sale) and you are taking a chance that the agent in charge of the deal actually knows what they are doing. Plus, you still have the emotional aspect of the sale, a natural by-product of foreclosures that can complicate deals in some cases.

A significant but often overlooked option available to investors concerns bank foreclosures. This umbrella term includes REO properties and HUD homes but it all ties in with the REO process, the phase of foreclosure that follows the auction and where a lender must then sell the foreclosures in their inventory.

Many investors shy away from REO properties or HUD homes because they feel they have less negotiating power or simply lack the capital to make aggressive offers and play along with the rules that REO lenders stipulate. While I favor preforeclosure and short sales myself, I also have a system in place that allows the machine to run on autopilot, a system that I can also teach you.

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My efforts here are to assure you that there are indeed deals to be found within the realm of REO properties. The offer process in many ways is less complicated, there is little to no emotion on the part of the seller (the REO lender), and deals can be completed much more quickly. If that appeals to you, and capital is your primary limitation, then you owe it to yourself to check out my Preforeclosure Cash Flow System and the module within it that covers how to obtain unlimited amounts of capital for your foreclosure business. Investors in Florida are applying with hard money lenders Florida programs or hard money lenders Orlando programs.

In closing, the entirety of the foreclosure process is ripe with deals that are there for the picking. As rigid as REO properties or HUD homes may seem, the REO process is as much as part of foreclosures as the preforeclosure side of the business. Don’t limit your scope, learn from what I have to offer you, and I wish you the very best in success in real estate investing.