Patient Rehab Programs

Patient Drug Rehab

For drug and alcohol addiction, inpatient drug rehab Medicaid programs may be the most effective plan, but outpatient rehab is a possibility for those who can’t take time off.

Get Help for Drug or Alcohol Addiction

There are many aspects to drug addiction, and each individual reacts differently. Some people lose relationships, have financial problems or suffer major health issues. Fortunately, Qualis Care are one of the few drug rehab centers in Louisiana that accept Medicaid and is committed to your drug recovery and ready to provide a customized program that addresses your individual issues so that you can overcome addiction and all of the problems that come with it.

Inpatient Drug Rehab Medicaid

What Is the Difference Between Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment?

Inpatient treatment takes place in a drug rehab center. The patient lives there and undergoes withdrawal symptoms until the substance is no longer in his or her body. Withdrawal can be a difficult time for many people, which is why it is safer and more effective to go through it under the care of trained, sympathetic professionals who know how to alleviate the symptoms as much as possible.

Outpatient rehab is recommended for people who have not been addicted very long and have a good chance of succeeding at recovery while they keep up with daily responsibilities outside of treatment. Those in an outpatient program attend sessions at the drug rehab center every day to help them maintain focus on getting and staying sober.

Different Types of Treatment

In the same way that there are several substances that are abused, there are also several ways to treat each person dealing with addiction. You can find the help you need to live drug-free whether you undergo inpatient or outpatient treatment.

Some of the most popular therapies offered through a treatment program include:

• Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
• Animal, music and art therapy
• Group Therapy
• Private Therapy
• Family Behavioral Therapy

Symptoms of Drug or Alcohol Addiction

If you suspect that someone you know is addicted to a substance, here are a few common symptoms to look for:

• Damaging relationships with friends and family members
• Losing money or secretly stealing money
• Depression or anxiety signaling discomfort and unhappiness

It may not be easy to tell a person that he or she needs rehab but when you call Qualis Care be sure to ask about the inpatient drug rehab Medicaid program. This is for you to get advice so that you can connect your friend or loved one to the help they need to live drug-free. Don’t wait to call for help. The earlier the treatment starts, the easier the road to recovery will be.